Labor of love

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We go live today, April 8, 2018. What started out as a mere conversation while attending the LA International Ukulele Festival in Torrance last fall is now a  reality. We thought it'd be easy--just put together a few designs, slap them on t-shirts, sell them online, and let the social media world do its magic. 

Well, not quite. 

It took a lot of in-person and virtual meetings, long strings of text at all hours of the day, early morning phone calls, and sleepless nights getting up and running. Along the way, we realized many things about the business, our working relationship, what we like and don't like, our limitations.

But what's great is that we always followed a set of principles. Some may call them values. For us, it's just the way we'll always run Made for Uke. 

Here they are:


We prefer a bellyache from laughing too hard than a stress headache. 


Engagement not only fuels our passion, it’s also contagious. 


Constant contact with other ukulele enthusiasts weakens apathy.


Total honesty stirs a spirit of deep generosity and fairness. 


Silos exist to store grain and corn, not ideas. 


The many health benefits of playing the ukulele are undisputed, and rival that of an apple a day.


We hope you enjoy what we've created for the ukulele community. It's truly a labor of love. -V


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