The benefits of playing the ukulele

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The day before we launched the website, Cecille and I joined the Grateful Ukes, a local ukulele group that meets in Atwater Village, on a community outreach event to entertain the seniors residents of Glen Terra Assisted Living in Glendale. With our ukuleles, guitarleles, kazoos, harmonicas, and music stands, we crammed ourselves in front of the large communal area of the facility. We played music from as far back as the 1920s, a couple of Elvis Presley and Beatles songs--a thoughtfully selected playlist to make sure our audience would be familiar with it and sing along with us. 

The seniors and the staff at Glen Terra repeatedly thanked us for the music and social engagement we brought in those 60 minutes. They gave us plenty of applause and invites to please-come-back. But truth be told, we easily committed to performing again because we derived just as much happiness from strumming and singing for them. 

There's something therapeutic about playing this little instrument that heals the soul. And when you're playing in a group, the effect is amplified several fold. -V

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