What makes the outdoor ukulele festival so amazing

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I’ve been to two outdoor music events in one month and I’ve come home energized and inspired by the music and the people. That’s the same feeling that I get at an outdoor ukulele festival. In fact, I'm going to the Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival which is on Sept. 22 this year.

What makes the outdoor ukulele festival so appealing?

  1. The energy. As soon as you walk in to the festival grounds, you realize that everyone is there for the same reason and this is exhilarating. Festival attendees bring their ukes, ready to jam with like-minded folks and learn new strumming techniques. Ukes of various makes, models and sizes can be seen in the performance halls and the workshops. The energy is incredible.
  2. Meeting people. There is a warm and friendly feeling at the festival. It’s so easy to strike up a conversation with someone you’ve never met, whether you’re in line to greet your favorite artist or place your food order, There will be no hesitation to say hi, ask about workshops attended, “which performances have they seen?”  and “what other festival events would they recommend?”
  3. Get to meet the artists. You’ve watched them on youtube and even played along with them through their tutorials. And now, here they are, live on stage, performing or leading the workshops. They're so accessible that you can take a selfie with them.  
  4. Memories and stories. There will be memories and there will be stories that you can share after the festival. The festival has something for everyone. You can go to the beginner ukulele sessions or follow along the jazz inspired workshop. There’s always something to learn. At the LA ukulele festival, you can even learn to dance the hula!
  5. The performances. Live music from some of the best ukulele artists throughout the day. It’s a concert!
  6. The marketplace. Ukulele manufacturers/makers come to the festival with knowledgeable staff to help you pick your next uke. Try before you buy and don’t hesitate to ask questions like: hi G or low G?

And then, there's the SF UkeJam in October. At ukulele jams and festivals, you are not just listening to someone else perform. You are part of the music. 


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