Who we are

We are Vin and Cecille, two women who started playing the ukulele in 2017 and have since been “hooked on the feeling.” We believe that the world would be a better place if everyone played the ukulele together. 

The idea to create Made for Uke came naturally and almost instantaneously when we attended the Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival. Attendees of all levels, from beginners to the more advanced, shared  moments of warmth, laughter, togetherness, and pride through workshops and performances. Previously only accessible through YouTube, fans hugged, took selfies with and had their ukuleles autographed by the likes of Cynthia Lin, “Ukulenny,” “The Ukulele Teacher,” and Honoka & Azita on the grounds of Torrance Cultural Arts Center. We went home exhausted that day, hearts filled with joy, and soon after, started talking about our joint venture. 

We continue to refine and shape Made for Uke. Our vision is to do our part in unifying ukulele enthusiasts through merchandise that shares those memorable experiences of joy and healing and enables them to inspire the next generation of ukulele players. This is no small feat. With the launch of Made for Uke, we’d like to think we’ve put those wheels in motion.